How to remove emojis from photo, use thease 11 powerfull tools

Want to remove the emojis from your pictures? This is for you!

In order to make pictures more interesting or preserve privacy, we frequently add text or emojis to pictures of our families, kids, graduations, travels, etc., but we forget to save the original pictures. The image that was added with the emoji, though, is not the one we want to keep over time. To clean up images and return them to their original state, we sometimes need to remove these emojis. At this point, you’ll need a tool to get the emoji out of the picture. In this article, we’ll go over the top apps, online, AI, and PC tools for emoji removal without sacrificing the quality of the original image. For more details, read the article below.

Top 11 Tools on How to Remove Emojis from Pictures

People typically express their emotions when uploading photos to any social media platform by adding various emojis and stickers to the photos to make them more entertaining or to cover up inappropriate areas. The simplest way to remove emojis from an image is by using a tool designed for that purpose. These tools are simple to use and can produce a professional output that looks similar to an original image after removing emojis. Following is a list of these tools:

#1. Fotor

Fotor Online tool to remove emojis from pictures.

Fotor is the first online tool you can use to remove emojis from pictures. It is the best AI emoji remover that automatically takes stickers, memes, and emojis out of pictures. The website is fairly simple to use, and emoji removal is hassle-free. The best thing about it is that it is a full-fledged photo editor. Almost any change can be made to your images. It also has a cloning feature that allows you to copy and paste a portion of the image to hide an undesirable aspect of it. Additionally, you can remove watermarks and someone from a picture in a matter of seconds as they don’t even appear!

How to use:

  • Open the Fotor.
  • Click “Open Image” to upload your picture.
  • Click “Object Remover” to start the emoji removal process.
  • Erase the emoji you want to remove with “Eraser pen”.
  • To begin removing the emoji, click “Start Removing”.
  • Now, click on the “Download” button to save the processed file after you have finished.

#2. PicWish

PicWish: Online tool to remove emojis from pictures.

The second website, PicWish, allows you to remove emojis from the pictures. It is one of the most effective online tools for removing any object from your photos, including emoji. PicWis has several sophisticated photo-editing features. It is very easy to use. Using its selection tools, you can choose stickers or emojis with ease. Its three incredible manual removal tools—the brush, rectangle, and lasso tools—make it easy to get clean photos in just a few easy steps.

How to use:

  • Visit the PicWish website.
  • Open the photo retouching page.
  • Click the “Upload Image” button to add a photo with emoji.
  • Select from three removal tools available and highlight emojis in the picture.
  • To remove the emoji from your photo, click “Erase.”
  • Now, when you’re ready to save it, click on the Save button.

#3. Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online

Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online: Online tool to remove emojis from pictures.

Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online is a free tool that allows you to quickly and easily remove watermarks or emojis from your photos. It has a simple and transparent user interface. One of the best things about it is that it works with most standard photo formats, including JPG. JPEF, TIFF, PNG, and many more.

How to use:

  • Visit the Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover website.
  • To add a photo, click the Upload Photo button.
  • Once you’ve found the emoji you want, use the tool to select it. You can choose between polygons, lasso, or brushes.
  • Click the button to select a tool, and drag the mouse over an area of text to highlight it.
  • Click the “Delete” button to delete a photo.
  • At last, click the “Save” button to download it.

#4. InPaint

InPaint :Online tool to remove emojis from pictures.

Another online tool to remove emojis from pictures is InPaint. It eliminates everything that detracts from your photos in addition to emojis. Emojis and other objects can be easily removed from photos by simply highlighting them and using the Inpaint de-marker tool. It can also process data in batches to save time.

How to use:

  • Go to Inpaint’s official website.
  • Click the “Upload Image” button to add a photo.
  • Highlight the emoji you want to delete.
  • Click “Erase” to begin the process of deleting your work.
  • Click the “Download” button when you’ve finished.

#5. Apowersoft Online Background Eraser

Apowersoft Online Background Eraser

You can also pick this interesting online tool if you want to get rid of any extraneous items from the photos, like emojis, characters, watermarks, etc. Apowersoft Online Background Eraser is the most effective tool of its kind. It can remove any unwanted objects, including emojis. This photo background editor removes emojis from photos by removing unwanted backgrounds and replacing them with a new background template.

How to use:

  • Open the Open Apowersoft Online Background Eraser tool.
  • Click to select the photo you want to upload.
  • The tool will remove unwanted backgrounds and other objects, so you can concentrate only on the relevant part of your image.
  • Next, you can add a new background according to your picture theme.
  • Finally, click “Save” to download the edited photo.

#6. Pixlr

Pixlr is the next online tool that can instantly remove emojis from pictures. With the help of this web application, you can easily remove emojis from your photos and edit them however you see fit. The Pixlr Online Emoji Remover has an intuitive interface and simple-to-use tools. You can easily remove any objects from your photo and restore them to their original quality.

How to use:

  • Go to the Pixlr homepage.
  • To use the image, click “Open Image.”
  • Use its fix tool to manually remove the emojis.
  • To download your creation, click the “Save” button at the end.

#7. ThebinPaint

ThebinPaint online emoji remover employs an algorithm to replace the deleted emoji’s space with pixels that are close neighbors. Emojis can be easily removed from pictures that have been posted online. Watermarks, unwanted subjects, and logos can all be eliminated from your photos using the ThebinPaint online emoji remover tool. It is quite simple to use and has a friendly interface.

How to use:

  • Visit ThebinPaint’s website.
  • To upload images, click the “Upload Image” button in its interface.
  • Click the red circle and drag it over the emoji you want to delete.
  • Finally, click the “Erase” button and then “Save File”, to download it on your computer.

#8. Snapseed

One of the few apps that can be used to remove emoji/stickers and is available for both Android and iOS devices is Snapseed. It has a feature that makes it simple to take out unwanted elements from images, including emojis. With Snapseed, you can edit your photos with a variety of tools, including filters, color correction, white balance, and more. For anyone who wants to take better pictures, Snapseed is a must-have app.

How to use:

  • Open the Snapseed app, then tap the plus icon to add your chosen images.
  • Select the “Heal” tool from under the “Tools” menu.
  • Select the emoji you want to delete, and it will be processed automatically.
  • When you’re finished editing the photos, export them to your phone.

#9. AirBrush

AirBrush is a fantastic app that allows you to remove unwanted emojis from your photos. You can easily use the eraser tool to automatically delete the area where the emoji is located. Any unwanted people or objects in your photos can be eliminated using this tool. This tool can perfect your photos in a matter of a few clicks.

How to use:

  • Launch the AirBrush app.
  • To delete a portion of an emoji from an image, select Tools > Erase and then highlight the desired area.
  • The highlighted portion will be automatically removed by the tool when you click the “Apply” button.
  • To save your processed image, click the “Check” icon.

#10. Photo Retouch

Another effective mobile app for removing objects or emojis is Photo Retouch. You can perfectly remove any object or emoji without wasting time or effort from your photo with just one touch. Using its object removal tools, which include the brush, lasso, mask, and eraser tool, you can quickly and easily remove emoji from pictures.

How to use:

  • To upload a photo, open the app and tap the “Album” icon.
  • Choose from the tools it offers after selecting Object Delete.
  • Tap the “Go” button with the highlighted emoji.
  • Click the import icon when finished to save your work.
  • Mark the unwanted content from your picture like emoji using Photo Retouch.

#11. Jihosoft Photo Eraser

Jihosoft Photo Eraser is a robust desktop application that allows you to quickly and easily remove emojis from your photos. Several tools are available in the program, including rectangle, lasso, polygon, brush, smart clone, and others. Emojis or other undesirable elements can be removed from images by looking at their surroundings. When finished, it will add an artificially generated texture to the chosen emoji. If you no longer want to use images with emojis, Jihosoft Photo Eraser is the perfect tool for you.

How to use:

  • Launch the Jihosoft Photo Eraser program on your computer.
  • To import the picture you want to emoji-free, click the “Choose Photo” button.
  • Then select the emoji’s area that you want to make disappear.
  • Click the “Erase” button to begin processing your image.
  • When you’re finished, save your final image.

Bottom Line

The most effective 11 tools for successfully removing emojis from photos are listed above. You can create the perfect picture quickly and easily using these apps and online tools. Photo-editing software has simple user interfaces. Moreover, even though the background can be changed, any text or faces that may be present in the underlying data are obscured. You won’t have to worry about removing unwanted objects from your photos with these incredible 11 photo editors. We advise using any of these tools, depending on your particular needs, to help you learn how to remove emoji from photos. Each tool has a distinct benefit. You can decide which is best for you based on your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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